Pocket Poser

The Photography Posing and Modeling App

Pocket Poser is a posing guide and inspiration pool for smartphones featuring over 1000 professional poses of women, men, couples, families and children.

Beginner and experienced photographers as well as those interested in modeling will find the Pocket Poser App a valuable resource.

Descriptive "how-to" posing info accompany the example images describing step-by-step how the pose was constructed.


  • Access to over 1000 professional photography poses and posing prompts of women, men, couples, families and children. UPDATED
  • All posing prompts are organized in 18 categories for easy access. UPDATED
  • Detailed instructions for each pose with example images for easy reprodruction.
  • Crisp thumbnails and full size images demonstrating each pose.
  • Roll the dice to get a immediate inspiration from a selected category. Keep the flow! NEW!
  • Favorite poses can be saved and reviewed separately.
  • All posing content is available offline. Once installed, you can use Pocket Poser anywhere. TOP!
  • Regular content updates. New poses and step-by-step posing instructions are periodically added via updates.
  • Compatible with Android mobile phones and Apple iPhone.
  • Supports English, German, French and Spanish languages. More languages will be added soon!
  • Translate posing prompts on the fly without changing your app settings! NEW!
  • One single app download. You don't have to store giga bytes of data with thousands of images or huge PDF files individually on your phone.
  • Posing prompts and examples images are optimized for small screens.
  • The perfect tool to get the extra pose on set, the missing photo during the photo shoot.

Made with by Heiko Kanzler